The people of Delhi have taken to the streets in a powerful protest against the unconstitutional and autocratic ordinance imposed on Delhi by the Modi government, demanding its immediate withdrawal. Citizens across all assembly constituencies in Delhi marched in protest on Wednesday, expressing their strong dissent against the black ordinance and symbolically burning effigies representing it. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) firmly asserts that the people of Delhi have unequivocally resolved against this unjust ordinance until Prime Minister Narendra Modi heeds their call and retracts it. From July 6 to July 13, effigies and copies of the black ordinance will be burnt at various localities, streets, and intersections across Delhi, serving as a powerful reminder of the people’s discontent.

On Wednesday, at 6 pm, people from all walks of life in Delhi united to burn effigies and copies of the black ordinance introduced by the Modi government. The massive turnout of Delhi’s residents clearly communicated their demand for the withdrawal of this oppressive ordinance, which infringes upon the constitutional rights of the elected government. The public firmly believes that the black ordinance undermines the best interests of Delhi.

It is important to note that a Supreme Court order previously granted the elected government of Delhi the authority services involving the transfer and posting of officers. The Court recognised that denying a government control over its officers would hinder effective governance, contradicting the intention of the Constitution makers, and thus ruled that the Kejriwal Government should have legislative and executive power over services necessary for the region’s administration. However, a week later, the Modi government at the Centre disregarded the Supreme Court’s decision and overturned it through the introduction of the black ordinance. This ordinance effectively stripped the elected government of Delhi of its rightful powers. The AAP is resolutely committed to championing the rights and legitimate concerns of the people of Delhi and will take their struggle to the streets to challenge the black ordinance imposed by the central government.

As part of a pre-announced program, AAP workers and supporters demonstrated their opposition to the ordinance by burning copies of it in various assemblies across Delhi on Wednesday. In continuation of these efforts, from July 6 to 13, copies of the black ordinance will be symbolically burned at every locality, street, and intersection of Delhi Additionally, from July 6 to 13, copies of the Black Ordinance will be burnt at every locality, street, and crossroad in Delhi.

The AAP highlights that the people of Delhi are deeply dissatisfied and angry about this unjust ordinance and feel betrayed by the central government. Even staunch supporters of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are now voicing their opposition to this black ordinance, recognising the unconstitutional means employed by the central government to seize control of Delhi through the Lieutenant Governor. The Aam Aadmi Party remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding the rights of Delhi’s citizens.

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