Education Minister Ms. Atishi on Saturday conferred the first DCPCR Children’s Champion Awards in the field of child rights and development to the changemakers from all over the country. The newly constituted award by the Delhi Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) recognizes individuals and institutions who have contributed significantly to the health, education, protection, and agency of children in a strong way to promote the cause of children.

While conferring the awards and congratulating the awardees, Education Minister Ms. Atishi said, “Awardees of the DCPCR Children’s Champion Award are some of those extraordinary people from all over the country who took the roads less travelled, struggled and faced several challenges in the system, but they were determined to bring about the change in lives of children. This award is a recognition of their efforts and contribution to the welfare of children of this country. This will further motivate them to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.”

Stating the ‘Children’ category as one of the most inspirational categories in the award, Ms. Atishi said, “It is so inspiring to see children taking efforts at a such young age to provide a better life to their counterparts in their communities. Be it a young girl from Bhopal running a library for children in her slum or children from UP bringing out their own newspaper on children’s issues. Each and every story in this category was an inspiration for everyone.” She added in the age where the life of most children revolves only around studies, mobile phones or the internet, these children have gone a step ahead to bring an incredible change in society.

It is to be noted that the DCPCR Children’s Champion Awards were conferred in 12 categories including children, politics, jurists, journalism, education, health & nutrition, child protection, art, academia, sports, business and public service

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