Cabinet approves creation of Hospital Managers posts for Delhi govt hospitals

The Delhi Cabinet, in its meeting on Wednesday, chaired by the Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal  approved the Health Department’s proposal for the creation of 92 posts of Hospital managers (superintendants) on fixed consolidated remuneration initially for a one year period on contract basis.


Currently 24 Delhi government hospitals (excluding Autonomous institutions) are providing secondary, tertiary and specialist health care ranging from preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitative services including teaching, training and research facilities.

These health facilities need to be run efficiently to cater to the clinical service delivery as well ancillary operations of hospital management for providing quality health care services to the citizens of Delhi.

Presently the Medical Directors/ Medical Superintendants / Doctors / Nurses / Paramedics / Pharmacists / are engaged for overall management of both these services.

Multifarious services ranging from housekeeping, sanitation, kitchen services to specialised medical requirements and equipments handling etc., are required to be efficiently managed in hospitals.

Involvement of doctors in administrative work not only leads to reduction in their clinical output, but also puts an additional load of hospital management on them.

In many states, governments of Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar have envisioned the requirement of professional manpower with managerial competence to work as Hospital Managers and have created these posts under the National Health Mission.

Management in hospitals is vertically divided into two areas :

1)      Management of clinical services, which is done through Medical Directors/Medical Superintendants.

2)      Operation and management of hospital services : These very wide & multifarious services are being looked after by doctors and technical/paramedical staff so far.

Since the need was felt for specialised manpower, a four member committee of very senior doctors was formed to study the issues and assess the specialised manpower requirement.


The committee assessed the requirements and based on its recommendations, the Department of Health proposed to create 92 posts of Hospital Managers initially on contract basis.

It is proposed to have managers in following categories:

  1. a)      Equipments/Stores
  2. b)      Facilities Management
  3. c)      Patient Facilitation
  4. d)     careteking
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