• Senior leader of the BJP and the Government involved in receiving kickbacks

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed a First Information Report (FIR) regarding a serious matter of corruption that was reported to it by an anonymous source. The FIR points to the involvement of a senior Bhartiya Janata Party leader and Minister and involves officials of the Health and Family Welfare department.

During a press conference on this issue, senior AAP leader and National Spokesperson Ashutosh said

The BJP government in the Centre which has claimed to be squeaky clean and the Prime Minister who came to power after promising ‘na khaunga, na khaane dunga’, has some serious questions to answer after the CBI’s FIR has finally been uploaded by the agency on its website.

Ashutosh explained the contents of the FIR, which is registered against four private persons and other ‘unknown public servants’. He said, “The World College of Medical Sciences, run by Narender Singh and Kunwar Nishant Singh was barred from admitting students by the Supreme Court for having substandard facilities and non-fulfillment of required criteria. The two accused held several meetings in Delhi, and finally were promised a reversal of the order in return for a ‘huge’ sum of money, which was to be routed through the other two persons named in the FIR – Vaibhav Sharma and VK Sharma. The two people had claimed close proximity to senior functionaries through a close contact. The FIR says that illegal gratification was to be delivered to unknown officials through corrupt means.”

Vaibhav Sharma and VK Sharma named a senior journalist, who was subsequently called in by the CBI. The journalist immediately contacted the senior BJP leader who he was in touch with for help. However, the CBI had put on record all of the incidents leading to his summoning, and therefore had to present him before the CBI Court in Ghaziabad.

Ashutosh asked thirteen questions of the BJP leadership and the Union government in this matter:

1. Who is the “close contact”?
2. Who are the senior functionaries of the Department of Health and Family Welfare who were influenced?
3. Who can overturn the order of the Supreme Court? Who has the authority?
4. How much money has been given as kickbacks?
5. Is it not true the “contact isclose to one of the most powerful leaders of the BJP? Is he a frontman of the leader?
6. Was CBI pressurized to let off the journalist?
7. Why did the CBI not upload the FIR on the same day that it was registered?
8. Is this not contempt of court?
9. Even a Press release should have been issued. Why was it not done?
10. Where is the disclosure statement of accused? Which officer was planning to overturn the SC order? All names must be made public
11. Where is the Seizure memo? What amount has been seized by the CBI?
12. The private persons against whom the FIR has been registered was only a front man. Whose front man was he?
13. A senior journalist recently resigned. Was this the reason for his resignation?

Watch the press conference here:

This is a very serious matter directly involving top leaders of the BJP and the government. Every attempt is being made to scuttle a serious investigation into the matter, but it is very important that an independent probe be carried out in order to ascertain the facts and punish those responsible for this.

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