Reacting to the BJP attempts of suppressing the ongoing farmers’ movement with the help of their aides and ‘goons’, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) taking a serious note of the matter has demanded from the Punjab government to provide police security to the struggling farmers, who had been facing the heat of the dictatorial Narendra Modi-led BJP government. Addressing the media, AAP’s national spokesperson and Punjab unit co-incharge Raghav Chadha said that the BJP ‘goons’ had been continuously attacking the farmers of the country from last few days in a bid to intimidate them to vacate the protest sites. He said that earlier the miscreants backed by BJP had threatened and attacked the farmers with sticks at Ghazipur border and yesterday also, the BJP-RSS goons, including several local BJP leaders, attacked the farmers, who had been protesting peacefully from over last two months and pelted stones on them at Singhu border in broad daylight.

He said that through some of the photographs and videos that had gone viral, the people involved in these incidents came out to be office-bearers, councillors, local leaders and MLAs of the BJP, who along with their associates and goons had attacked the peacefully protesting farmers, which was intolerable and unjustifiable. “The continuous attacks on our ‘annadatas’ from the last few days and the unfortunate incident that occurred at the Red Fort on January 26 has established the role of the BJP of suppressing the farmers’ movement. It has also proved the intention of the BJP, that they will attack the farmers, intimidate them and create disturbance in the farmers’ movement. With this, there is a clear safety and security threat to the farmers,” he said.

Chadha said that under this, the role of Delhi police had also been clear that they were assisting and helping the BJP goons by letting them enter the protesting sites, not initiating any action during the attack and facilitating them. He said that the Delhi police who directly report to PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, was working at the behest of the BJP in inciting violence and getting these attacks done by their goons. “Under such circumstances, we cannot expect Delhi police to protect our farmers and thus with full responsibility, we demand Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh to provide police security to the farmers at all the borders,” he added.

He further said that the Captain Amarinder had been providing police security to leaders, influential people, even his advisors, OSDs, cronies and every second person, who were also covered with the same outside the state as well. “When such people and even Captain’s friends from Pakistan could get police security covers, even outside the home states, then why can’t Captain Amarinder Singh government also provide security to all the farmers, their leaders who are sitting on the Delhi borders as per the threat perception, they are facing from BJP and their goons,” said Chadha.

Demanding immediate security for the farmers, Chadha said that Captain Amarinder Singh should send security covers of Punjab police for the farmers at all the borders for their protection in this time of need. Taking a dig at Captain Amarinder Singh, the AAP leader said that Captain had been rescuing the BJP on their attempts of suppressing the farmers’ movement by giving them clean chit and diverting the issue to outside agencies. “Captain is trying to save the BJP on the attacks being made by their goons on the farmers. Captain Amarinder should stop making frivolous statements and playing dirty politics in such a sensitive time,” he added.

Chadha further said that Captain Amarinder, working as the BJP agent, was misleading the people of Punjab by accusing outsider agencies and Pakistan for disturbances and violence during the farmers’ agitation. “When the farmer leaders and the people are saying that the attacks on farmers are made by BJP goons, agents of RSS and miscreants, then why Captain is trying to divert the issue by accusing outside agencies. This is because, Captain is working in collusion with Modi and Amit Shah and cannot go against his bosses,” he added. Chadha said that Captain was now trying to prove himself right by claiming that he had met Union Home Minister Amit Shah to discuss the same, but in reality it was under a settlement for his son’s ED cases, which everyone knows.

He further said that the AAP had been saying from day one that Captain in collusion with the Modi government was working to suppress the farmers’ movement. He said that Captain did not utter a single word against those, which the farmers associations accused of carrying out the unfortunate incident at Red Fort and was doing the same again. “Captain wanted to divert the attention of the people by making allegations on outsiders, in order to save BJP and RSS as Modi has tasked him to save BJP ,” he said. Chadha said that Captain was not the Chief Minister of Punjab or Congress party, but the Chief Minister of BJP. He said that Captain Amarinder Singh should give up these dirty politics and stop working with Modi to discredit the farmers’ movement.

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