Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Bhagwant Mann addressed Aam Aadmi Party’s Tiranga Yatra in Jaipur in presence of AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal. The Punjab CM delivered a powerful speech to the gathering. He emphasised the need to use the power of the Jhaadu, AAP’s election symbol, in Rajasthan to sweep away corruption and bring in a new and visionary government that will provide good schools, free healthcare and Mohalla Clinics, free electricity, infrastructure, and employment. He lamented how Rajasthan had no option earlier besides the Congress and BJP, which would take turns in power to loot the people. He said, “Rajasthan does not need a double-engine government; it needs a new engine government.”

Sardar Bhagwant Mann highlighted AAP’s track record of success in wiping out corruption and bringing development to the people. He reminded the people how AAP had wiped out Congress in two consecutive elections in Delhi and reduced the BJP to a paltry two seats in the Punjab elections a year back.

The senior AAP leader also lashed back at the BJP’s mischaracterization of AAP’s promises as “revadi” (freebies), stating, “These services for the people are not for free but are paid for by the taxes collected from the people.” He asserted that the BJP and Congress are scared of AAP’s model because they cannot tolerate the poor of this country experiencing improved quality of life under AAP governments.

He questioned the BJP’s performance on its own previous election promises, including reducing price rise, creating 2 crore jobs per year, and depositing 15 lakh rupees in every bank account. Sardar Bhagwant Mann highlighted how oil and LPG prices have skyrocketed under BJP rule. He also criticised the BJP for selling railways, airports, LIC, pensions, and other public assets through scams and using people’s money to buy the media.

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