The area of Moti Nagar is soon going to get rid of the problem of sewage overflows. Delhi Jal Board Vice Chairman Somnath Bharti today visited Moti Nagar along with local MLA Shiv Charan Goel and inspected the sewerage system of the area. While inspecting the sewerage system, DJB Vice Chairman reached Rama Road in Zakheera area, where the local people have been facing the problem of sewage overflow for a long time. Somnath Bharti directed the officials to solve this problem within a week’s time.

Delhi Metro blocked sewer network; problem of sewage overflow to be resolved within a week

Delhi Jal Board has been receiving complaints about sewage overflow on Rama Road in Zakhira of Moti Nagar area from the local people. Taking cognizance of the complaints, DJB Vice Chairman Somnath Bharti reached Moti Nagar assembly constituency on Thursday. After a thorough inspection, Somnath Bharti said that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has given clear instructions to inspect the areas from where complaints related with sewerage & water are being received continuously and resolve the problems within 24 hours. That’s why I have visited the Moti Nagar area and taken stock of the problem of water and sewerage. DJB Vice Chairman said that the problem of sewer overflow is arising as drainage water, disproportionate to the carrying capacity of the DJB’s Sewer, is entering the sewer network of the area. The reason for this is that when the metro line was built here by Delhi Metro, DMRC closed the main drain here at that time and diverted the same of the area into a drain of lesser capacity which was further terminated into the area’s sewer network. This led to the problem of sewer overflow in the area. Officials have been instructed to resolve the sewer overflow problem of the area within a week.

Baljeet Nagar drain will be diverted into PwD drain of an appropriate size; storm water drains connecting with sewer lines is a widespread problem in Delhi

DJB Vice Chairman Somnath Bharti said that the storm-water drain of MCD was also connected to the sewer network in Moti Nagar area. This made the problem more complex. He said that the drain of Baljeet Nagar will now be diverted to the PwD drain so that the problem of sewer overflow is resolved. He assured that the age-old problem of sewage overflow here will soon end with this. Connecting storm water drains to sewer lines has become a widespread problem in the national capital. Due to this reason, DJB’s sewer system gets affected in many places. However, after the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party government in the MCD, coordination between civic agencies has become easier and better. Apart from DJB, officials from MCD and PwD were also present during the inspection.

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