A recent surprise inspection conducted by Delhi Education Minister Atishi has revealed the extent of negligence and decay in an MCD school in Sagarpur. The deplorable state of the school’s infrastructure and lack of basic facilities reflect years of mismanagement. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government recognizes the urgency to address these issues and has pledged to bring about transformative changes, ensuring a conducive learning environment in all MCD schools.

Neglect and Deterioration:

During the surprise inspection, Atishi was disheartened to witness the sorry state of affairs in the MCD school. The premises were filled with dirt, cobwebs, and broken swings, while classroom ceilings were peeling off. The situation had deteriorated to the extent that a part of the building had turned into a junkyard, with broken desks heaped together. Such conditions not only hamper the physical well-being of students but also indicate a lack of commitment towards their education.

AAP’s Vision for Transformation:

While highlighting the failures of the past, Atishi emphasized the commitment of the AAP government to bring about a transformative change in MCD schools. The party envisions creating a nurturing and conducive learning environment in every school under the MCD. This will involve systematic infrastructure improvement, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene, and providing adequate resources for quality education. Atishi’s surprise inspection serves as a wake-up call, propelling the AAP government’s determination to revitalize MCD schools and provide students with the education they deserve.

The surprise inspection of an MCD school in Sagarpur by Delhi Education Minister Atishi has shed light on the gross negligence and decay in the educational infrastructure. The deplorable condition of the school highlights the urgent need for change and improvement in MCD schools across Delhi. The AAP government, under Atishi’s leadership, has vowed to address these issues and bring about a transformative change in the education system. By prioritizing the well-being and development of students, the government aims to create a conducive learning environment and ensure a brighter future for the children of Delhi.

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