Kejriwal government schools and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) schools witnessed a historic moment on April 30 as they hosted their first-ever joint Mega PTM. The event aimed at encouraging parents from both kinds of schools to participate in their children’s education and provide valuable suggestions for improvement to the schools. Parents queued up in large numbers at schools from early morning to attend the Mega PTM. They were joined by Education Minister Ms. Atishi and Deputy Mayor Shri Aaley Mohammed Iqbal who engaged with the parents at SKV Phase-1 pocket 4 Mayur Vihar and MCD School Block 22 Trilokpuri to know their experiences.

During the Mega PTM, major focus was laid on Mission Buniyaad and discussion on the importance of the development of foundation skills.

Tweeting about the first joint Mega PTM, CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “Today, a mega PTM is being held in both MCD and Delhi government schools in Delhi. Just as Delhi government schools have been transformed with the help of all students, teachers, and parents, we will now work together to transform MCD schools as well.”

During the interaction with parents, Ms. Atishi expressed her delight at the number of parents who had turned up early in the morning and said, “This shows that parents eagerly want to participate in their children’s education, and after Delhi government schools, now this opportunity will be provided to parents in MCD schools too. The education revolution that was brought in Delhi government schools will now be brought to MCD schools too.”

She also said that in 2015 when the Kejriwal government was formed, the condition of Delhi government schools was the same as MCD schools now. There was no cleanliness in schools, there were broken benches and desks, and no drinking water facility for students. But after years of hard work and dedication, the old education system in Delhi was fixed.

She further added that the BJP has been in MCD for the past 15 years and left the schools reeling under several problems. MCD schools currently have no proper facilities for students. “But I am sure that now under the guidance of CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal, MCD schools will also see a revolution along the lines of Delhi government schools,” continued Ms. Atishi.

The Education Minister further said, “The joint PTM is a symbol of the shared responsibility of parents and schools for the education and development of children. Both parents are equally responsible for the development of their child. Our children will progress only when schools and parents will together participate in the process of their education.” She also stressed the importance of parents engaging with their children for at least half an hour every day, even if they are not educated. This would boost the confidence of the children and help them open up about their school experiences.

The Kejriwal government has made education a priority, and the Education Minister reiterated this, saying, “Building school infrastructure has always been given priority over building new bridges and roads.” She called on parents to support the government’s efforts to transform MCD schools.

During a conversation with parents at MCD School in Trilokpuri, Ms. Atishi said, “Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s only dream is to provide better education to children and it should always be the top priority of the country. Because until our country’s children are educated, our country cannot progress. He said that an educated society can contribute significantly to making India a developed country and the number one country in the world. Therefore, just as Shri Arvind Kejriwal has improved Delhi government schools, we will also make MCD schools spectacular and equip them with world-class facilities and provide quality education to every child.”

This sentiment was echoed by Deputy Mayor Shri Aaley Mohammed Iqbal, who said, “Parents of children studying in MCD schools also want to experience the education revolution along the lines of Delhi government schools. They are enthusiastic about seeing the beginning of this new change. No one in Delhi would have ever thought of such world-class Delhi government schools, as built by the Kejriwal Government. Today these schools are considered model schools in the country. Parents and children in MCD schools are also waiting for such a revolution.”

He added that in the 15-year tenure of BJP, parents never got a chance to visit MCD schools, but now we will ensure that schools and parents work together for the bright future of children.

During the interaction, parents showed confidence in sending their children to Delhi government schools. They said that in the last few years, not only have the school buildings become impressive, but better facilities and environment have also been provided for children’s education, and now the schools are providing opportunities for their talents to flourish. Parents said that they no longer have any concerns about their children’s education because their future is secure in Delhi government schools.

Sharing their experiences with her children said that education in Delhi government schools is better than in private schools. Here they are being given opportunities to become all-rounders.

It is to be noted that Mega PTM was conducted today in 1000+ Delhi government schools and 1500+ MCD schools.

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