Delhi’s absconding Services Secretary Shri Ashish More has resurfaced and agreed to abide by the orders of the Supreme Court. His sudden change of stance comes after he was served with a Show Cause Notice by Services Minister Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj, demanding an explanation for his unauthorised absence. Ashish More had previously defied the directives of the Services Minister regarding the appointment of a new Services Secretary, in his place. Upon being given the directions, Ashish More had mysteriously vanished from the Delhi Secretariat, leaving his colleagues and family members in a state of bewilderment. His wife, when approached by concerned officials, claimed that she had no idea about his whereabouts.

The unfolding situation took a new twist as Ashish More finally emerged from hiding and acknowledged the receipt of the Show Cause Notice this afternoon. He also expressed his willingness to comply with the Supreme Court’s order and accordingly move the file for the posting of a new Services Secretary.

Services Minister Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj had issued a show cause notice to Services Secretary Shri Ashish More. The move came after Ashish More refused to comply with directions from the Minister in relation to the posting of Secretary (Services), and was absent from work without authorisation.

On May 11, 2023, Ashish More was called by the Services Minister and directed to put up a file for the transfer of the present incumbent of the post of Secretary (Services) and the posting of another suitable officer. He assured the Minister that he would put up the relevant file before 3:00 pm that day. However, instead of doing so, he left the Secretariat without informing the Minister or his office. The Minister and his office tried to reach Ashish More on his office and mobile phone numbers, but he did not respond to the calls. Later, he switched off his mobile phone. The Minister even sent him WhatsApp messages, but they were ignored. An official note was sent to his residence, but he did not receive it. His wife came out and said she did not know his whereabouts. The note was later sent to him via email and WhatsApp.

He has been given 24 hours to respond to the show cause notice. The notice seeks an explanation as to why disciplinary proceedings under AIS (D&A) Rules 1969 should not be initiated against him, why the displeasure of the GNCTD should not be recorded in his Performance Appraisal Dossier, and why his attitude to work, decision-making ability, and pen picture should not reflect the concerns raised.

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