AAP promises more than its Delhi Model 

With Bhagwant Mann ji, Col Ajay Kothyal ji (Retd) and Adv. Amit Palekar ji being AAP’s CM faces for Punjab, Uttarakhand and Goa respectively. Teams and teams of AAP volunteers, supporters and well-wishers like you are READY and ACTIVE. AAP Convener Arvind Kejriwal ji is visiting these States as well as Uttar Pradesh taking AAP’s Election Guarantees to the people.

Some of the guarantees based on his successful Delhi Model include Free Lifeline Water and Electricity, End of Corruption, Health and Education Revolutions, Tirth Yatras for all religions, a Pro-business Government with Employment for all. But over and above these, there are revolutionary social transfers as well and guarantees specific to that State. 

Kejriwal promises a Drug-Free Punjab where Farmers Issues will be solved and a Goa where Mining will resume, Tourism will be given a fillip and Land Rights issues resolved. 

Women emancipation and unemployment benefits have been largely ignored in India until now and Arvind Kejriwal has addressed these issues. Rs 1000 for every woman above 18  and unemployment benefits have been announced as well. 

Where will the money come from? Arvind Kejriwal ji explains this with Uttarakhand as an example-

“Out of Uttarakhand’s budget of 55 thousand crore rupees, about 11 thousand crore rupees goes into the pockets of the leaders, Arvind Kejriwal alleged. We will stop the loot and the money that these leaders sent to the Swiss Bank will now go into the pockets of women,” he said.

Arvind Kejriwal Guarantee to punjab


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OT Editor