Aam Aadmi Party candidate from New Delhi Lok Sabha constituency Brijesh Goyal issued the following statement on Monday (29 April) :
· BJP’s Meenakshi Lekhi is running for cover on the issue of sealing in New Delhi
· She does not even know the names of markets in which traders livelihoods were ruined by BJP’s MCDs
· Mrs Lekhi is an absentee MP who can’t show even a single step taken by her to stop sealing
I am amazed at the ignorance level of absentee MP Mrs Meenakshi Lekhi on the serious issue of sealing of shops and commercial establishments in the New Delhi Lok Sabha constituency.
On being questioned about her silence on sealing and on being asked how the shops of innocent traders will be desealed, Mrs Lekhi has come up with an extremely shocking response making it clear that she did not even bother to check the names of important markets sealed in the New Delhi constituency nor does she know the reasons why BJP ruled MCDs played with the lives of traders.
Mrs Lekhi remained absent for five years from her constituency and is now running for cover when she is being questioned in locality after locality about her performance. She is making lame, unjustified and laughable excuses on why she failed as an MP to perform her role in stopping the sealing carried out by her party’s controlled MCDs and the mysterious silence of Narendra Modi’s central government on this sensitive and important issue.
In her latest laughable statement, Mrs Lekhi has said no sealing would have taken place had the Delhi government notified the 351 roads, which remained unnotified since the year 2006.
First of all, I challenge Mrs Lekhi to show whether any of these 351 roads are a part of any markets in the New Delhi Lok Sabha constituency where shops/commercial establishments were sealed, namely – Defence Colony Market, Meharchand Market, Green Park Market, Hauz Khas Market, Amar Chand Colony Market, Motia Khan, Regarpura, Mansarovar Garden etc,.
Mrs Lekhi is not even aware of the basic details of sealing since in her entire five year tenure she did not bother to even look at her constituency.
I will write to Mrs Lekhi to make her aware of the basic details on sealing, why it was carried out by the BJP’s MCDs and how her party’s central government could have found the solution through a single ordinance.
Mrs Lekhi should put in public domain if she has any evidence of whether any kind of sealing took place on any of these 351 roads.
For the benefit of Mrs Lekhi I would like to inform her that the Delhi government had prepared the draft for notifying the change of land use to mixed land use of 351 roads way back in March 2018 and had presented it before the hon’ble Supreme Court of India for its approval, in order to legalise the commercial establishments on those roads forever.
I would like to know from Mrs Lekhi why the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has been delaying in giving concurrence for change of land use of these 351 roads ?
New Delhi voters have a right to know what their MP did to prevent from landmark markets being ruined by sealing and she should agree to a public debate on this important issue.

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