AAP chief spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj statement on Karol Bagh hotel fire :
Every time there is an horrific incident in Delhi killing innocent people, we talk about negligence by some departments, we speculate about fixing the responsibility, but there is hardly any change in situation.

The said hotel had 5 floors with fibre structure on the top floor. How did MCD give approval to such building plan ? If no approval was given, how could such hotel operate ? How could they get certificate to operate from MCD ? How was fire certificate obtained ? How this building ever inspected by officials before granting certificate ?

Is there any accountability?

Will responsibility be ever fixed in administrative structure of National Capital of India ?

Will Delhi ever see a Commissioner of MCD or Chief of fire being suspended for such huge loss of innocent human lives ?

We have a rotten system of Governance at Delhi where elected state Govt has no power to even suspend an officer for criminal negligence. It is only the LG who can take action against the officers, sadly he has zero accountability.

In dozens of cases before the Assembly Committees, we have tried fix responsibility of departments & officers. It is a trend in Delhi that LG of Delhi comes to rescue the officers and prevents any action on them. The LG & the Central Govt to the extent of providing Sr Advocates to the officers to save them from any action by the Committees & Delhi Assembly.

Recently, Petitions Committee visited a Pvt school named Indian School where school had concealed a totally illegal basement and fourth floor. As per records of MCD and fire Department, the School does not have a basement or fourth floor. The fourth floor was made of exactly same fibre material which was used in Hotel of Karolbagh.

The fire department found not even a single ventilation in basement because it was being concealed from authorities.

Such is a sad state of affairs that no action could be taken against the school.

Saurabh Bharadwaj

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