The Aam Admi Party has said that the CDM SMITH Bribe payments amounting to 25000 dollars to those in the Goa government was a certainty having been proved by the US authorities and hencetheir complaint filed with the ACB Goa which was rejected would now be pursued with the CBI.

AAP youth leader Mr. Gavi ‘Coutinho said that AAP had recently filed the complaint with the ACB but the same was unreasonably rejected without even examining the merit. He said that AAP was in the process of moving the JMFC Court when it came to notice that the CBI had taken cognizance of the same and hence they would now place the complaint before the CBI.’

Coutinho further stated that there was was no difference between the CDM SMITH case with that of the Louis Berger bribery case wherein the previous BJP Government had accused Digamber Kamat, ChurchillAlemao, their top engineer and the havala agent who were arrested with the only exception of Kamat getting released after getting anticipatory bail while all others were under detention for long.

The difference he said was that the accusation in the CDM SMITH case related to the period when the BJP Govt. itself was in power.

“So the inference is that some influential persons are sought to be protected and Congress as usual has gone silent as some of their own players who are common for both the teams could possibly be involved. Bribes are certainly paid. So someone has surely received,” said Mr. Coutinho further stating that it is only the common man who gets victimized all the time for petty crimes while these high and mighty go scot free.

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