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PM Narendra Modi’s lack of understanding of the economy forced demonetisation disaster

Date 15 Dec 2016

PM Narendra Modi’s lack of understanding of the economy forced demonetisation disaster

Aam Aadmi Party national convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said the country has been forced to go through the demonetisation disaster due to Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi’s lack of understanding of the economy and the country’s economic situation.

“Modiji’s demonetisation decision (Note Ban) is in fact a Rs eight lakh crore scam. People believe that Modiji is not very educated and therefore did not understand the ramifications of the Note Ban on the economy, nor does he heed the advice of those who know better. The economy is in shambles and businesses and trade are at a standstill, but Modiji refuses to accept his mistake and take corrective action,” Kejriwal said.

The AAP convenor said the case pertaining to whether the degrees showing educational qualification of the Prime Minister are authentic was listed for hearing in the Gujarat High Court on Thursday.     

 “In his speeches Modiji had earlier said that he has only studied up to class 12th, but later these correspondence degrees surfaced and we tried to get to the bottom of the truth. The Central Information Commissioner ordered that all records and papers related to Mr Narendra Modi’s  degrees should to be shown to Arvind Kejriwal, but I was not been given the information. 

“If the degrees are true, then why are these being hidden ? So many RTIs filed were filed on my degrees and I always agreed to share all the details. Modiji sent eminent lawyer Tushar Mehta from Delhi to get a stay in the Gujarat High Court from making the degrees public,” the AAP convenor said. 

Kejriwal said people of the country have a right to know. “Modiji is taking such big steps, he has made the whole country queue up, has given a jolt to our economy, so people want to know does he even understand how the economy works. I demand the degrees should be put in public domain.”

AAP national convenor placed one more demand before the Central Government. “Rs 12.4 lakh crore has been deposited in banks. We demand that this money should not be used to write off the bad loans of Modiji’s friends and cronies. People have endured hardships and have died to deposit this money and it should only be used in the Nation’s interests. If should be used to write off loans of farmers and small traders & businessmen.”

In response to a question on the Delhi Lieutenant Governor and the IAS association's conduct, Arvind Kejriwal said “It is sad that both the LG and the IAS Association are being used as pawns by the Narendra Modi government by threatening them with the CBI, ACB etc. 


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