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New Haryana govt must wake up on verbal assaults on women freedom

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) strongly condemns the sudden spurt in retrograde statements against women in Haryana by religious groups and Khaps, particularly since the BJP has won a majority in the state.

The AAP demands that the Haryana government should immediately ban the meeting of Hindu Mahasabha to be held on Sunday, in which it wants to declare a dress code for women and a ban on their carrying mobile phones. Read More

1984 riots : Delay to set-up SIT for probing the riots is shameful

·         AAP demands the central govt should immediately notify a SIT to probe 1984 riots.

·         Rioters and conspirators of worst riots in national capital can’t roam freely

·         Victims and their families have been running for justice since three decades Read More

Shahi Imam's decision is wrong

Translation: We have opposed the wrong policies of the Narendra Modi Govt and will continue to do so, however the decision of the Shahi Imam of Delhi to ignore the Prime Minister of India and go on to invite the Prime Minister of Pakistan cannot be termed correct under any situation. This is even more true in a situation when Pakistan continues to attack our soldiers on the border. One can have internal differences, but the Shahi Imam should not have invited the Pakistani Prime Minister.  Read More

Police should not soft pedal Trilokpuri communal violence probe

The Aam Aadmi Party demands that the Delhi Police should not soft pedal its probe into the communal violence at Trilokpuri in East Delhi, and particularly the role of former BJP MLA Sunil Kumar Vaid.

There is enough evidence to clearly establish that former BJP legislator Vaid had hatched the conspiracy to spread communal hatred in the area and it needs to be investigated to establish the level of involvement of BJP higher ups in this conspiracy. Read More


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