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AAP EVM Challenge

AAP has consistently & transparently maintained & demonstrated that EVMs can be tampered through motherboard changes, software trojans and hardware hacks. AAP has also said that the EC “demonstration” is no hackathon and can not convince citizens that the EVMs can not be tampered by insiders with control. This has been endorsed by leading global security and secure voting experts.
AAP believes that the 3rd June EC demonstration is a pure eye-wash which will achieve nothing. To prove its point, AAP will conduct a parallel hackathon/demonstration of its own EVM prototype, under the same conditions as EC has proposed – only visual inspection and press of keys will be allowed. No other hardware or software experiments will be allowed.
AAP wishes to demonstrate that under the same conditions, its prototype EVM too can not be tampered/hacked yet as AAP has demonstrated in the Delhi assembly, the EVM is an unfair machine with software biased by trojan codes.
In fact AAP will go one step further and open the demonstration/hackathon for all engineers, embedded experts, companies and even International experts who want to try breaking AAP’s EVM prototype.
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